Wallant Architecture  has been creating original residential and commercial designs since 1989 when Scott Wallant first hung up his shingle in Albany, New York. Originally known for traditional residential Classical design, Wallant Architecture evolved as a firm with strong chops in Craftsman and Timber style.  In recent years, Wallant has also embraced the Modern revival that has brought fresh life to the profession and is being rediscovered by adventurous clients. “Wallant’s services have expanded, and our portfolio now includes” commercial and religious projects, including office buildings, restaurants, an award-winning bank, car dealerships and religious projects, including office buildings, restaurants, an award-winning bank, car dealerships, a library on a mountain top, re-use of a 150-year-old firehouse, a synagogue, and multi-family housing.  Wallant’s work has received design awards from the American Institute of Architects and been featured on the covers of Builder and Hudson Valley magazines.

Scott Wallant, Principal Architect and member of the American Institute of Architects, graduated from Yale University in 1974 and received his Master of Architecture degree from the Yale School of Architecture in 1978. After interning in New York City for the internationally renowned Philip Johnson, he spent eight years as a designer and project manager on projects set amidst some of the world’s most exclusive real estate in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Scott has now been practicing in New York’s Capital Region for 30 years.

Steve Janenka, Associate and Project Manager (RPI Bachelor of Architecture,1982), has been the driving force behind Wallant’s production teams since joining to the firm in 1997. Originally a design-builder specializing in timber construction,  Steve brings a deep knowledge of construction craft and structural rigor to the team.  Steve works interactively with contractors to help keep the design and the budget on track through drawings and construction.

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